Our Mission
To enhance the quality of life in the community by providing the highest level of health care to our residents by:

*Emphasizing disease prevention, health promotion and wellness.

* Participating in community activities and encouraging the community to support the activities of Meadow Brook.

* Managing our resources to meet the needs of our residents in the community.

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Currently Meadow Brook ranks as a 5 Star Facility

(Above Average)


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2014 Great Lakes Marketing
Family Satisfaction Survey Results
Overall Satisfaction 95.7%


2015 Water Quality Report
This report covers the drinking water quality for Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility for the calendar year 2013.  This information is a snapshot of the quality of the water that we provided to you in 2013.  Included are details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) and state standards.



Household Updates

Culture change transformation requires many changes in organization practices as well as physical environments.  Effective immediately, door bells have been installed at the entrance of Orchard Hill House, Lakeshore Cottage Antrim Lodge, Jordan House, Grass Creek Cottage, Glacier Hill House and Cedar River House. 

Please ring the door bell to gain entry to the household to visit your loved ones.  This practice is consistent with re-creating home, minimizing interruptions to daily life and as always, keeping with safety precautions for our residents.

Just a reminder that when leaving the household with your loved one for an outing, appointment or visiting another household, please
sign out with a staff member. 

Once again, thank you for your support!



“On Monday, April 24th, 2013, Resident Council modified its membership after a vote.  This is to assist residents, who are unable to advocate for themselves, have a stronger voice in Resident Council.  It is also a way of developing stronger family relationships by having another avenue for families to voice their concerns.  The letter below will be sent to all Meadow Brook families.”

An Invitation
Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility Resident Council


WHAT IS RESIDENT COUNCIL:  The Nursing Home Reform Law, known as the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1982 (OBRA ’87), was a landmark legislation for federal standards for nursing home care.  The Act guarantees nursing home residents a number of important rights to enhance their nursing home experience improving facility-wide services and conditions.  Key among these rights is the right to form and hold regular private meetings of an organized group called a Resident Council. Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility has had an active Resident Council for over 20 years.

WHO MAY ATTEND:  All Meadow Brook residents are considered members of Resident Council and can serve as an officer on that board per the Resident Council By-Laws.  Usually residents, who are able, take on the role of speaking up for those who cannot. For residents who are unable to participate in the meetings due to health and/or cognitive declines, their guardian, activated Durable Power of Attorney, or activated Patient Advocate can represent them.  Other family members of current residents may participate during “Family Time” at the beginning of the meeting.  Non-family visitors can attend council meetings only upon the invitation of the council.  Designated staff has been appointed by the council to provide assistance to the council and to respond to written council requests. 
WHERE DOES RESIDENT COUNCIL MEET:  Currently Resident Council meets every 4th Monday of the month at 2:00 PM in the Meguzee Hall at Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility.

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